Go ahead, make my day!

How would you make someone’s day better? Leave your suggestions for future initiatives in the comments here; we hope to bring them to fruition!

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3 Responses to Go ahead, make my day!

  1. Colin Sato says:

    Something with helping people get on the el, maybe using the heck out of some day passes. That would make my day going to work tomorrow.

  2. Once I saw a video where a group of people gave a couple a party in a parking lot, after they signed marriage papers. It was totally unexpected. Something like that could be cool if someone just passed a citizenship test, got married, had a good recovery at the hospital or even just passed a test. haha.. could you imagine at the DMV? Those people need a smile. Or maybe you could give coffee out to the really early birds getting on the el. Brownies? I’d be down with that.

  3. Happy For You says:

    You boys are doing a wonderful thing, it’s not any of you’re fault if people have a hard time understanding the concept of giving and sharing without a secret agenda behind it all. After all, these days it’s hard to trust anyone who seems to be trying to “make the world a better place”, as if that cliche suddenly makes you’re good-hearted acts suspicious. I find it so sad that, no matter what the situation is, there are always doubters and criticizers who won’t take something for what it is. I see where he/she is coming from in terms of the ego theory, what with the videos and you’re names up and what not, but those videos make my day better every time I watch them, and I’m glad to know that you nice, young gentlemen are behind this project and aren’t afraid to show it.

    Now, that’s just my opinion, of course. But I have a strong feeling that I’m not the only who thought this after reading that unfortunate comment. So, I’ll just speak up for all of us who still believe in the good of the world and know you have good intentions.

    Thanks for bringing a little more hope for humanity (especially the younger generation).

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